Dhonk Crafts

Dhonk Craft Dhonk Craft
Dhonk Craft Dhonk Craft
Dhonk Craft Dhonk Craft
Dhonk Craft Dhonk Craft
Dhonk Craft Dhonk Craft

The dhonk story

Our mission




Create sustainable livelihood opportunities



Empowering village women to become micro - entrepreneurs



Traditional Indian ethnic art brought to life



An ecosystem designed for co-existence with nature

What our customers have to say

Fair trade local crafts and women empowerment

Very friendly coop of women who are learning the trades of local crafts. Their learning local artisanal craft forms provides the women an income generating trade to support themselves and their communities. Provides fair trade clothes, table linens, toys, and other hand crafts to eco tourists at fair prices.

Heidi C

Beautiful hand crafted by women

The amazing crafts by these local women.... they are very welcoming and you are helping local women. Bought gorgeous hand embroidered shawl.

Peggy S

Helping the tigers AND the people

This fair trade store offers more than handicrafts. Clothes, housewares, toys as well. Beautifully made and fashionable. But more importantly it is helping to draw awareness to the plight of the Bengal Tigers and the tribe of peoples whose livelihood was and is still impacted by the tigers. By providing jobs and education for the villagers, they are saving and protecting the tigers and the people

Global Clothing by Caro
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